A large, collaborative research study entitled “Intervention and Outcomes in Duarte Galactosemia”
is currently underway. The goal of this study is to establish a foundation of knowledge that will
enable an evidence-based standard of care for infants and children with DG. This three-year study,
begun in 2015, is designed to show whether children with DG have increased prevalence or
severity of developmental difficulties compared with children who do not have DG. This study also
asks whether galactose (milk) exposure in infancy or early childhood shows an association with
developmental outcomes in DG.

"Intervention and Outcomes in Duarte Galactosemia" is based out of the Emory University School of
Medicine, in Atlanta, GA, but involves researchers, other collaborators, and study volunteers from
many different states in the continental US.  This project is funded by the non-profit group Patient-
Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

If you would like to find out more about this research project, or if you might want to participate,
please send an email to or call 404-727-2487.

To find more information about this research project online, please visit the following sites: